July 10, 2013


Whoa, time is flying by. These days I keep myself very busy with celebrating summer and work. While most of the people around me are getting ready for their summer holidays, I am not. I've had my portion of holidays in the past months and will be spending the summer in and around Amsterdam. 

Last Sunday I joined Likestationery at the Kleine Fabriek for a pop-up store. It was so much fun being there and selling stationery and other pretty goodies. 

This weekend we'll also pop-up at the Mode Fabriek. VERY much excited about that as well. 

Both Kleine(kids)- and Mode(fashion)Fabriek are professional trade platforms where brands and labels show their latest collections to the retail industry, stylists etc.

Below a peek of the Likestationery pop-up store!  

Ph by Likestationery and me.