June 27, 2013


Hey you, a couple of days ago I returned from a wonderful escape to warm, sunny and beautiful Italy. We've had the best time. We did some relaxing and sightseeing in Rome, we soaked up the sun on the beach and enjoyed the countryside of Tuscany. 

One part about traveling that I love, is trying to find the cutest or most awesome hotspots in a city. Either by searching the web, a travel guide or just simply by looking around while you’re in the city itself. 

Before we left for our holiday to Italy, I discovered these awesomely designed Insider guides/maps by Herb Lester. I was hoping they would arrive in time for our trip, but unfortunately they didn't. Oh well, I promised at the Trevi Fountain that I would return to Rome anyways.

I couldn't help myself and stocked up on those coolest guides. A brief introduction to Tokyo... A variety of maps on New York City... And one about Rome and Amsterdam.

They might come in handy for your trip this summer?

Great graphics, don't you think? Happy travels!

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