June 05, 2013


Hey you guys, this is me blogging from my balcony! Summer or spring, whatever you want to call it, it is finally HERE. Straight blue skies and I couldn't be happier when I was biking home through the city. I spent my morning playing around at the lovely  Likestationery shop - my fav in town.

For some summer vibes, enjoy this song with me on YouTube. Haha my neighbors are listening to the same one.

Amsterdam turns even prettier (check out my snaps on Instagram) and there are smiling people out on the streets. It's June and this is probably my favorite month of the year. 

Festival season really starts to take over, there's picnics in the park, holidays are just ahead and peony flowers are (finally) on sale. Due to the long cold weather, peonies are still quite expensive, but gorgeous nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the photos and that it's sunny wherever you are. 

Have a great day! 

See you soon! XO 

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