May 08, 2013


One of my greatest obsessions on the web and in interior design are the designers from the Scandic countries. Boy, are they fresh, fun, on trend and simply great. I could spend hours browsing my favorite Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish bloggers and designers. I will highlight my favorite ones, or new discoveries here on my blog.

Today is all about the art prints by RK Design. Rikka from Helsinki, designs art prints like the ones below. I love the sense of humor, the different fonts and the variety in the pack of postcards. With this I have my own collection and can change the frames whenever I feel like a new art print! 

You can buy them for half price (!) here and new designs can be found through her shop at Society6. I just found out that there's free shipping thru May 12th! Yiha! 

Rikka is also owner of the blog Weekday Carnival. Here you can learn all about her great style. Look at those first few photos, especially the second one. Goodness, SO pretty! I could go on and on drooling about her work. 

Have you heard of any other great Scandic designers I should know about? 

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  1. Hi Laura!

    Here's few, enjoy!
    and many more :)

    They all have e-shop!!

  2. Beautiful quotes. I really love them. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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