May 22, 2013


Today, on my way running errands, I bumped into a magnificent store called Bilder & De Clerq. I've heard people talking about their smart concept. The store is so clean and pretty and the concept is awesome as well. I'll tell you all about it: 

The idea is that you pick one of the recipes available in the store and then very easily load all of the necessary ingredients into your basket. The ingredients are already the exact amount! So in short, you no longer need to buy a whole bush of fresh basil or parsley, you'll get exactly what you need. 

Besides the lovely recipes they offer, they also sell beautiful kitchen utensils and all kinds of other goodies for in your kitchen or to eat/drink. 

Besides all of this - there is more! - You can also just have a nice cup of tea or coffee and some sweets or buy some bread for at home. 

I took some snaps with my iPhone while shopping around. As I am writing this, I am drinking some beautiful soft, not too sweet, Lemonade and munching on some lovely Oat Crumble cookies. 

I'll be back soon, Bilder & de Clerq. 

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Address: De Clercqstraat 44

May 15, 2013


I like pretty things but I also like pretty things with a raw edge to it. This is why I brought home a piece of wood as a souvenir from the beautiful island of Santorini. I have a funny photography obsession with old pieces of wood. You can see more about this on my photography portfolio here and here

I coincidentally saw that the piece matches napkins I recently bought. The brand is the Danish, pretty and very affordable (yay!)Bloomingville.  

Photography by me

Napkins purchased at ANNA + NINA but they also available online, for example here 

May 08, 2013


One of my greatest obsessions on the web and in interior design are the designers from the Scandic countries. Boy, are they fresh, fun, on trend and simply great. I could spend hours browsing my favorite Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish bloggers and designers. I will highlight my favorite ones, or new discoveries here on my blog.

Today is all about the art prints by RK Design. Rikka from Helsinki, designs art prints like the ones below. I love the sense of humor, the different fonts and the variety in the pack of postcards. With this I have my own collection and can change the frames whenever I feel like a new art print! 

You can buy them for half price (!) here and new designs can be found through her shop at Society6. I just found out that there's free shipping thru May 12th! Yiha! 

Rikka is also owner of the blog Weekday Carnival. Here you can learn all about her great style. Look at those first few photos, especially the second one. Goodness, SO pretty! I could go on and on drooling about her work. 

Have you heard of any other great Scandic designers I should know about? 

Ph. by me

May 01, 2013


Hey guys, I am back and it is MAY already. How did that happen? As I told you in my previous post, I am now a year older and had a great birthday party. I also just returned from our LOVELY vacation on the beautiful island of Santorini. 

If you are thinking about a vacation to a Greek Island, I highly suggest visiting Santorini. I have never seen an island SO pretty, pittoresque and it has the friendliest (english speaking!) people. 

After a full week of straight blue skies, bright sun and Greek salads, I am all fueled up again. Picture or it didn't happen, right? Sure, I'll show you pictures! :)

I had a blast. When can I go again? 
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