April 03, 2013


Whoa, orange! I usually don't like orange so much, only on our national Queensday. (soon to be Kingsday, but that is another story) But I do like pops of bright orange. 

Lately I've developed a love for cute stationery. The envelope on the left is designed by Bibi from the label BL-ij. Blij means happy in Dutch. Her website and webshop are in Dutch as well, but I am sure all of you non Dutchies can read webshop and browse through there :-) I love her fresh and happy design! 

The pretty notebook on the right is from the Belgium based letterpress studio Le Typograph. I love the old fashion meets today's fun neon design, including the hype around insects. So fun! 

Alright Spring, let's get bright and warm now! 

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