April 11, 2013


In my family, the month of April means a month full of celebrations. My parents' birthday and mine are both this month - this week to be more precise. Plus, my boyfriend has a couple of birthdays in his family as well! Whoa!

All of this is fun, but also crazy busy because we like to celebrate our birthdays! We're celebrating my dad's 65th tomorrow. That's a biggie!

My own birthday party is Saturday and my mom's is late next week. Also, by that time we'll be enjoying our Spring vacay on Santorini, Greece. Goodness, I can't wait!

 Soo.. today's post isn't about a new fun discovery in town, but it is about celebrating all those WONDERFUL birthdays AND about the fact that the sunny spring weather really is JUST around the corner. This Sunday it looks like we'll be hitting 20 degrees Celsius here in Amsterdam! YAY!! 

I hope it will be a sunny weekend for you, wherever you are :-) 

Photography by me.

April 03, 2013


Whoa, orange! I usually don't like orange so much, only on our national Queensday. (soon to be Kingsday, but that is another story) But I do like pops of bright orange. 

Lately I've developed a love for cute stationery. The envelope on the left is designed by Bibi from the label BL-ij. Blij means happy in Dutch. Her website and webshop are in Dutch as well, but I am sure all of you non Dutchies can read webshop and browse through there :-) I love her fresh and happy design! 

The pretty notebook on the right is from the Belgium based letterpress studio Le Typograph. I love the old fashion meets today's fun neon design, including the hype around insects. So fun! 

Alright Spring, let's get bright and warm now!