March 13, 2013


Last week Spring stopped by for a few days' visit. How good that felt, bright blue skies and being able to go outside without a coat on. LOVELY!

One of my favorite Spring/Summer drinks is Lemonade. Luckily we have an awesome organic Supermarket Marqt around the corner which sells a few cute soda brands that make Lemonade.  

The straws in the pictures are straws that I got during my trip to New York last December, at the Magnolia Bakery. But you can get those at one of the million shops on Etsy as well. 

The notebook in the third picture is by the cool Japanese stationery brand Midori. How cool that it matches with the straws :-) I'm in love with it.

How's the weather where you live? What's your favorite thing about Spring?

1 comment:

  1. Wow I love the last photo so much!

    Today is surprisingly cool (forgot to bring my sweater today). Last week felt like summer. I live in Texas btw where it is hot and humid.