March 27, 2013


Is that a type-o? No, it is certainly not. Hutspot is a actually a fun hotspot as well as a concept store here in Amsterdam. Concept stores pop up everywhere and I love it! If you do too, stay tuned for more :)

Last year the store was located elsewhere in a way smaller building. After a relocation to the de Pijp area they are now housed in a HUGE building, with 2 floors! When entering the store you enter a world of creativity, with beautiful clothes, photography, vintage random stuff and furniture too. The snaps taken with my iPhone pretty much show you all you need to know for now. 

Being a concept store they also house a Gallery, called PUP Gallery and have a small cafe with good coffee, nice fruity smoothies and tasty toasted sandwiches. 

All of this is a very good way to escape the Siberian temperatures outside. Definitely worth a visit when you're in the neighborhood or in town! Have fun!

Address: Van Woustraat 4, Amsterdam 

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