March 20, 2013


One of the homework assignments of my e-course BLOG BOSS is to write down 8 BLOGS THAT ROCK and why. Well, easier said than done. When browsing through my favorite blogs I easily end up lost in blogosphere with 30 tabs open in my Safari window and huge BLOG ENVY. Which ones to choose?!

In the end I managed and started off with my very first fashion blog-find a couple of years ago. Then I added another one of my fav fashion bloggers from Amsterdam and then there are lifestyle and interior blogs that I recently discovered and are awesomely beautiful. Most of them are from the Scandic countries. Great GREAT style and photography. The final two are from my fellow blogging classmates. 

All of them have their own style of blogging and a clear blog lay-out. Most of all I love how they put their own creativity in their work through many different ways. They keep me hooked on their blogs. Mr Bright Bazaar is actually the first man-blogger in my blogroll! Gotta love his love for bow ties! 

Here we go, enjoy!

Two of my fellow classmates: 

Do you like them as much as I do? Do you know of any blogs I should know about? Tell me all about it :-)  


  1. Hi laura, I'm glad to be in your list!
    I also love blogs with a clean and white design, like a book page !
    I wish you a creative day !

  2. Thanks for sharing these blogs, definitely gonna visit them :)

  3. Bedankt voor het delen! Ik kende er een paar nog niet, maar die ga ik zeker bekijken! :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug