March 27, 2013


Is that a type-o? No, it is certainly not. Hutspot is a actually a fun hotspot as well as a concept store here in Amsterdam. Concept stores pop up everywhere and I love it! If you do too, stay tuned for more :)

Last year the store was located elsewhere in a way smaller building. After a relocation to the de Pijp area they are now housed in a HUGE building, with 2 floors! When entering the store you enter a world of creativity, with beautiful clothes, photography, vintage random stuff and furniture too. The snaps taken with my iPhone pretty much show you all you need to know for now. 

Being a concept store they also house a Gallery, called PUP Gallery and have a small cafe with good coffee, nice fruity smoothies and tasty toasted sandwiches. 

All of this is a very good way to escape the Siberian temperatures outside. Definitely worth a visit when you're in the neighborhood or in town! Have fun!

Address: Van Woustraat 4, Amsterdam 

March 20, 2013


One of the homework assignments of my e-course BLOG BOSS is to write down 8 BLOGS THAT ROCK and why. Well, easier said than done. When browsing through my favorite blogs I easily end up lost in blogosphere with 30 tabs open in my Safari window and huge BLOG ENVY. Which ones to choose?!

In the end I managed and started off with my very first fashion blog-find a couple of years ago. Then I added another one of my fav fashion bloggers from Amsterdam and then there are lifestyle and interior blogs that I recently discovered and are awesomely beautiful. Most of them are from the Scandic countries. Great GREAT style and photography. The final two are from my fellow blogging classmates. 

All of them have their own style of blogging and a clear blog lay-out. Most of all I love how they put their own creativity in their work through many different ways. They keep me hooked on their blogs. Mr Bright Bazaar is actually the first man-blogger in my blogroll! Gotta love his love for bow ties! 

Here we go, enjoy!

Two of my fellow classmates: 

Do you like them as much as I do? Do you know of any blogs I should know about? Tell me all about it :-)  

March 13, 2013


Last week Spring stopped by for a few days' visit. How good that felt, bright blue skies and being able to go outside without a coat on. LOVELY!

One of my favorite Spring/Summer drinks is Lemonade. Luckily we have an awesome organic Supermarket Marqt around the corner which sells a few cute soda brands that make Lemonade.  

The straws in the pictures are straws that I got during my trip to New York last December, at the Magnolia Bakery. But you can get those at one of the million shops on Etsy as well. 

The notebook in the third picture is by the cool Japanese stationery brand Midori. How cool that it matches with the straws :-) I'm in love with it.

How's the weather where you live? What's your favorite thing about Spring?

March 03, 2013


Hey you! Here I am again, back in business. The flu got me good and I spent all week in bed and on the couch. Boo. I am VERY happy to be able to get behind my computer again and BLOG! 

I beat the flu JUST in time for Spring (temperatures are going UP this week, yes!!) and just in time for the blogging e-course BLOG BOSS. Time to celebrate with colour honey combs and tea with the flavour of strawberry cupcake (great gift by one of my colleagues). Genius if I may say so.

Thanks for stopping by and HAVE A GREAT WEEK!