February 20, 2013


Today was a super cold but fun day! It was high time for a shopping spree with my mom. We wanted to explore a different shopping area here in Amsterdam, the Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk. Well, not JUST that area. Of course we made a little pitstop at the Bijenkorf, our fav warehouse. 

Walking through the Haarlemmerstraat is really great. It's not just a journey through history but also a very diverse area for all kinds of shopping. Coffeeshops at every corner but those are easy to ignore. There really is a shop for everyone. Plenty of fashion shops, bakeries, bookshops, supermarkets, tea shops, flower shops etc etc. Really a great place for a day in Amsterdam! 

Some of my fav stops are below. 

The shop RESTORED, great for handmade design and interior stuff.

Tulips in a bag, how convenient! Love that. And look at what the shop looks like:

Cute warning against theft: "In case of theft we will call your mother" 

A VERY good place to refuel is Vinnies Deli. We enjoyed very good cappuccinos with homemade organic Carrot- and cheesecake. YUM! What they serve for lunch is very good as well from what I've heard.

Have fun!


  1. Hi Laura!
    Thank you for introducing really nice shops. Just spend some time browsing Restored blog and shop. Found some interesting magazines. And those flowers, love the package idea. I have had also flu but now I'm quite ok. It's nice to have energy back. See you in byw bb.

    1. Hi Kreetta, thank you for stopping by! Restored is really a beautiful concept store. I hope you will visit amsterdam some time :-)
      Spring is almost here! See you in class! XO

  2. The tulip bags and 'mom' sign made me laugh and long for Amsterdam ... I hope my hometown will treat you nice. Only a couple of months and I will be walking the beautiful streets of amsterdam again.
    My best, irene