February 20, 2013


Today was a super cold but fun day! It was high time for a shopping spree with my mom. We wanted to explore a different shopping area here in Amsterdam, the Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk. Well, not JUST that area. Of course we made a little pitstop at the Bijenkorf, our fav warehouse. 

Walking through the Haarlemmerstraat is really great. It's not just a journey through history but also a very diverse area for all kinds of shopping. Coffeeshops at every corner but those are easy to ignore. There really is a shop for everyone. Plenty of fashion shops, bakeries, bookshops, supermarkets, tea shops, flower shops etc etc. Really a great place for a day in Amsterdam! 

Some of my fav stops are below. 

The shop RESTORED, great for handmade design and interior stuff.

Tulips in a bag, how convenient! Love that. And look at what the shop looks like:

Cute warning against theft: "In case of theft we will call your mother" 

A VERY good place to refuel is Vinnies Deli. We enjoyed very good cappuccinos with homemade organic Carrot- and cheesecake. YUM! What they serve for lunch is very good as well from what I've heard.

Have fun!

February 13, 2013


Today I realized that 2 weeks from now I am starting with the e-course Blogging your way, the theme this time is BLOG BOSS. And I am BEYOND excited about it! "...Blogging your way, the first online class about blogging with a focus on creativity and writing with heart, souls and passion..."

Alright, so what's all the fuss about? It is all about decor8blog. This blog is one of my favorite blogs out there and I love the founder Holly Becker. I love her style of writing and blog style A LOT! She is not just a blogger, but through the past years she's become a great teacher (from what I've read) and a great book writer; she's published two books! I own one of them.

So, to you Interior blog lovers and crafty peeps, you really want to check out her blog, stay hooked for hours, and fall in love with it. And, the good news is, registration for the e-course is still open!


February 10, 2013


Happy sunday peeps!
I love it when a new concept store pops up somewhere here in Amsterdam. It is especially awesome when it happens just around the corner of our place. It is called HARVEST AND COMPANY (website will be up soon) and houses a delicious coffee bar, sells Modern Vintage and Sourced and sold.

The extremely nice guys of Head first coffee roasters make DELICIOUS cappuccino's and will start roasting their own coffee in a few months time. How cool is that?!

I was so psyched to have a store like this opening in the neighborhood. Stores like this keep the creativity and economy alive I believe! 

Look at those opening hours! There's really no excuse not to drop by. And for those of you not living in Amsterdam: free parking on sundays!
You're welcome ;-)

Address: Tweede Helmersstraat 96.

Do you know of a new hotspot I should check out? Leave me a comment! 

February 06, 2013


Today is a happy day! Earlier today I enjoyed the sunshine on our balcony, without a coat, gloves or a beanie on! After that I fast forwarded to Spring and ordered a bikini online. It's crazy, I know - there's still some snow on the ground and it's early February. I just really needed this after some grey and snowy weeks. I like to keep saying that spring is JUST around the corner and I love that thought!

In other news, I wanted to share with you some quotes of wisdom, words of advice etc. that I stumbled upon on my Instagram feed. Another addiction of mine. Enjoy and hope it makes you feel (even) better!