January 16, 2013


This happy wednesday I want to share with you a geniously awesome design company from Norway. They are called: Darling Clementine. I ran into this brand at a shop in Utrecht Zin in. The calendar I ordered in Darling Clementine's webshop. 

The calendar is as you can see called Harvest and every month has a BEAUTIFUL design on the month's or season's theme. 

The quality of paper, the smart use of colour, I love every piece of it and makes me HAPPY.

January is very blue, but things start to brighten up in March. I can't wait until MARCH! Guys, Spring is just around the corner!!

Celebrating the seasons throughout the whole calendar. I cannot pick just one favorite month. In life I can, but not in this calendar. All so fun and pretty! 

I ordered the calendar during the Holiday season and they were so kind to enclose a happy holiday card as well. With again, pretty but different design. 

You gotta love 'em right? If you are not so much into calendars, they design FUN postcards in Paris theme as well, you can find those here.

Happy Darling Clementine!! Stay up to date through facebook or find them on the web here. By the way, the calendar is on sale now, half price! go go go ;-)

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