January 23, 2013


A couple of weeks ago we've had my colleagues over for a little New Year's work-dinner party at our place and it was way fun having them over for dinner and drinks! They brought this beautiful air/transparent vase as a gift. Hey, remember, bringing me a vase as a gift is always a good thing! Today I finally bought a BEAUTIFUL flower that would fit the vase at my fav flower shop Pompon

It fits so perfectly and the flower actually reminds me of my travels in Indonesia 2 years ago. If you're curious to a selection of the photo's taken over there, go to my photo blog. The buddha on the photo, was a gift during my holiday in Indonesia - That is the deal with Buddha's.

In other news, today I started with a new fun project that I am very excited about. I am going to leave it that mysterious, but most importantly I want to share their name with you: Likestationery: be sure to check out the webshop and the One day shop in de Prinsenstraat, Amsterdam.   

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