January 30, 2013


I know, I know, the year 2012 is way behind us, but I wanted to look back one more time. I take a lot of photos with my iPhone, I mean A LOT. In order to not completely forget about the photos I so nicely Instagrammed, I decided to make an album of my fav 80 photos taken in 2012. Hema wouldn't allow me to choose more than 80, but that's OK. 
I love looking back at my photo's; so many beautiful, fun moments, things, experiences. It would be a shame to leave them just sitting there on your iPhone.

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January 27, 2013


Today I discovered a new (to me) cupcake shop "Van Ness Cupcake" and I think I just ate one of the most DELICIOUS cupcakes EVER. This makes me really happy because as you might know, cupcakes are one of my biggest LOVES :-)

It is located right behind the Dam area, so very convenient if you are either shopping around the Dam and the Kalverstraat area or when you are strolling in the 9 straatjes

I didn't buy just one, because I obviously couldn't pick just ONE. I guess I have very lucky colleagues tomorrow at work! 

January 23, 2013


A couple of weeks ago we've had my colleagues over for a little New Year's work-dinner party at our place and it was way fun having them over for dinner and drinks! They brought this beautiful air/transparent vase as a gift. Hey, remember, bringing me a vase as a gift is always a good thing! Today I finally bought a BEAUTIFUL flower that would fit the vase at my fav flower shop Pompon

It fits so perfectly and the flower actually reminds me of my travels in Indonesia 2 years ago. If you're curious to a selection of the photo's taken over there, go to my photo blog. The buddha on the photo, was a gift during my holiday in Indonesia - That is the deal with Buddha's.

In other news, today I started with a new fun project that I am very excited about. I am going to leave it that mysterious, but most importantly I want to share their name with you: Likestationery: be sure to check out the webshop and the One day shop in de Prinsenstraat, Amsterdam.   

January 16, 2013


This happy wednesday I want to share with you a geniously awesome design company from Norway. They are called: Darling Clementine. I ran into this brand at a shop in Utrecht Zin in. The calendar I ordered in Darling Clementine's webshop. 

The calendar is as you can see called Harvest and every month has a BEAUTIFUL design on the month's or season's theme. 

The quality of paper, the smart use of colour, I love every piece of it and makes me HAPPY.

January is very blue, but things start to brighten up in March. I can't wait until MARCH! Guys, Spring is just around the corner!!

Celebrating the seasons throughout the whole calendar. I cannot pick just one favorite month. In life I can, but not in this calendar. All so fun and pretty! 

I ordered the calendar during the Holiday season and they were so kind to enclose a happy holiday card as well. With again, pretty but different design. 

You gotta love 'em right? If you are not so much into calendars, they design FUN postcards in Paris theme as well, you can find those here.

Happy Darling Clementine!! Stay up to date through facebook or find them on the web here. By the way, the calendar is on sale now, half price! go go go ;-)

January 09, 2013


This weekend is the Amsterdamse Hotelnacht: Amsterdam Hotel Night. The original website is not in English, info in English can be found here
This way Amsterdammers can experience their city through the eyes of a tourist! Many hotels participate where you can stay overnight for a special price including tons of fun activities organised in or around the hotel itself. 

I would love to spend a night in one of our city's most beautiful hotels, but since we have a VERY nice place of our own, we decided to just buy a passe-partout for the activities. 

The activities include very touristy yet fun things like a canal boat tour, free entrance to the Canal museum  but also fun parties at the Hilton hotel or a Sustainable food and art market at the Conscious hotel. I LOVE markets like these so I'm way excited already!

Discounts and free entrances are not only valid through just this weekend, but for the whole month of January! Yay, let's make January a FUN month!

Alright, sooo if you don't have any plans for this weekend yet, go straight to their facebook page, like it and use the discount code (EXPIRES TODAY)for the passe-partout! 

HAVE FUN! See you at the party at the Sustainable market? 

January 02, 2013


happy HAPPY new year to you!! 

Welcome to the first happy wednesday blogpost of 2013! Let's make it a good one, dear readers. I wish you a healthy, happy, creative and exciting 2013. And above all, SMILE and BE KIND :-)
 I hope you've had a fun New Year's Eve! 

Since we're in January now, I am already looking forward to SPRING! Yes, already. You gotta have something to look forward to, right? 

For now: New year, new flowers to pretty things up.

Ph by me.