December 27, 2012


Hii! Did you all have a jolly Christmas? Fully recovered from all the yummy dinners and lunches? I have, so I am back in blogging business!

Where were we? Oh, yes, New York City! I'd love to share some of our week in the big apple through the lens of Instagram and my camera. Enjoy the ride!

Best start of the day! 

The streets of Soho, NY.

The Bridge to Brooklyn


Pretty buildings, love the colours!

Typical NY street..

Can't get enough!

Christmas shopping at Macy's yay!

And another cutie hanging in our tree. 

our fav snack!

Ice skating in Central Park! 

Back on the skates after - I guess - 10 years?!

As the weather report predicted, the weather Gods were with us so we had the beautiful weather the most of the time!

Especially fun to see this again after watching Home Alone 2 last night.

The cutest Bakery in town

With the best cupcakes in town, yum!! <3 

The first night we went for surprise-birthday drinks to the Rooftop bar at the Standard. The coolest hotel in town! Boy that was fun. Have a look at their website to see photo's taken by day.

The restroom/toilet with a view! 

The hotel a couple of days later when we discovered the High Line. This is an old subway track turned into a park! A little higher than street level which gives you an awesome view of the city and Meatpacking district:

Beautiful view at sunset of the Hudson and New Jersey.

We also visited the 9/11 memorial. It is a beautiful place to remember. The new area should be finished in 2013. Crazy fast.

I can't wait to go back to that awesome and never ending fun city! Every neighbourhood has got it's own specialties. As busy and crazy Time Square gets, as peaceful upper east side and Central Park are. Check it out yourself. 

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