December 05, 2012


First of all, happy Sinterklaas Dutch readers! 

Today Luuk and I beat the cold, rain and snow alltogether to go and see the exposition CUT IT OUT in Gallery 33 located at the fun Westergasfabriek culture park

My much needed beanie

The expo was supposed to be open until December 14th, that's why I was in such a hurry to go today as I'll be in NYC next week, remember? ;-) I'm sure you do. This afternoon we heard that it got extended until mid January. Great news! Now you Dutchies still have the chance to go as well!

How many dogs do you see?

Alright, what is the expo about? It's about a designer, Noma Bar who designes these great optical illusions. The gallery demonstrated us how they use this giant machine to cut the images. Noma Bar wants his visitors to interact and be able to design their own prints, with different colours of paper so I got to work the machine! 

This machine actually has the optical illusion design as well. All of it is kinda hard to explain, you def need to go and see yourself. 

The machine is based on the image below. There's three animals hidden within!

  Got curious? I really recommend stopping by the Gallery when you are around the Westergas area!

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