December 02, 2012


While you read, turn Youtube on to "empire state of mind" Just to get in the mood.

One week to go. One week of work. Just ONE WEEK! Then my friend and I are off to New York City. 


I am all geared up for the fun week ahead. Hotspots are noted in my Lonely Planet, found our accommodation on the New York City map, spotted the Starbucks around the corner with Streetview AND got myself a new lens for my camera. A lovely lightweight lens with fixed focal length to take better pictures during day and night. 

The only thing what's left, is to actually start packing.

I was worried about the weather in NY and was warned by several people, as I am not a below zero person. BUT, it looks like the weather Gods are with me. Somewhere around 7 degrees Celsius with some sunshine. YES!

 Oh fun it will be, spending the last week of our friends' road trip in NYC: OUT WITH A BANG!

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