December 27, 2012


Hii! Did you all have a jolly Christmas? Fully recovered from all the yummy dinners and lunches? I have, so I am back in blogging business!

Where were we? Oh, yes, New York City! I'd love to share some of our week in the big apple through the lens of Instagram and my camera. Enjoy the ride!

Best start of the day! 

The streets of Soho, NY.

The Bridge to Brooklyn


Pretty buildings, love the colours!

Typical NY street..

Can't get enough!

Christmas shopping at Macy's yay!

And another cutie hanging in our tree. 

our fav snack!

Ice skating in Central Park! 

Back on the skates after - I guess - 10 years?!

As the weather report predicted, the weather Gods were with us so we had the beautiful weather the most of the time!

Especially fun to see this again after watching Home Alone 2 last night.

The cutest Bakery in town

With the best cupcakes in town, yum!! <3 

The first night we went for surprise-birthday drinks to the Rooftop bar at the Standard. The coolest hotel in town! Boy that was fun. Have a look at their website to see photo's taken by day.

The restroom/toilet with a view! 

The hotel a couple of days later when we discovered the High Line. This is an old subway track turned into a park! A little higher than street level which gives you an awesome view of the city and Meatpacking district:

Beautiful view at sunset of the Hudson and New Jersey.

We also visited the 9/11 memorial. It is a beautiful place to remember. The new area should be finished in 2013. Crazy fast.

I can't wait to go back to that awesome and never ending fun city! Every neighbourhood has got it's own specialties. As busy and crazy Time Square gets, as peaceful upper east side and Central Park are. Check it out yourself. 

December 19, 2012


Hey guys! We are safe and sound back from New York City, kinda. I still haven't really landed in this timezone (lovely jetlag) and I wish we could have stayed longer in that awesome city!! 

I was hoping to post a full NY photo diary but you gotta stay tuned for that. 

One of my fav souvenirs for our Xmas tree: 

and one of my fav images of New York:

See you soon!

December 13, 2012

Hello from NYC

Just a quick hello from NYC!! It's still wednesday on this side of the pond! We are having a lot of fun with the four of us and with some Dutch friends who just happen to be here at the same time!! Small world, so fun!

Starting our days at yummy Starbucks around the corner and I think we've walked the NY marathon kilometers a couple of times by now. Tomorrow we'll go iceskating and check out Meatpacking. Need moooore days in this huge city!!

Good night!

December 05, 2012


First of all, happy Sinterklaas Dutch readers! 

Today Luuk and I beat the cold, rain and snow alltogether to go and see the exposition CUT IT OUT in Gallery 33 located at the fun Westergasfabriek culture park

My much needed beanie

The expo was supposed to be open until December 14th, that's why I was in such a hurry to go today as I'll be in NYC next week, remember? ;-) I'm sure you do. This afternoon we heard that it got extended until mid January. Great news! Now you Dutchies still have the chance to go as well!

How many dogs do you see?

Alright, what is the expo about? It's about a designer, Noma Bar who designes these great optical illusions. The gallery demonstrated us how they use this giant machine to cut the images. Noma Bar wants his visitors to interact and be able to design their own prints, with different colours of paper so I got to work the machine! 

This machine actually has the optical illusion design as well. All of it is kinda hard to explain, you def need to go and see yourself. 

The machine is based on the image below. There's three animals hidden within!

  Got curious? I really recommend stopping by the Gallery when you are around the Westergas area!

December 02, 2012


While you read, turn Youtube on to "empire state of mind" Just to get in the mood.

One week to go. One week of work. Just ONE WEEK! Then my friend and I are off to New York City. 


I am all geared up for the fun week ahead. Hotspots are noted in my Lonely Planet, found our accommodation on the New York City map, spotted the Starbucks around the corner with Streetview AND got myself a new lens for my camera. A lovely lightweight lens with fixed focal length to take better pictures during day and night. 

The only thing what's left, is to actually start packing.

I was worried about the weather in NY and was warned by several people, as I am not a below zero person. BUT, it looks like the weather Gods are with me. Somewhere around 7 degrees Celsius with some sunshine. YES!

 Oh fun it will be, spending the last week of our friends' road trip in NYC: OUT WITH A BANG!