November 21, 2012


Last saturday was one of those ultimately super grey days. A little rainy, but not actually raining. That feeling it never really got light that day. While I was on one of my discovery tours through Amsterdam by bike, happily cycling the canals and enjoying the pretty views, I stumbled upon a flower shop.

Flower shops can be found all over town, some more special than the other. But this one, just around the corner of the Noordermarkt, was the cute little store called POMPON.

  It was very tiny, but soon I found out that part of the shop space was under construction. I stepped in and was overwhelmed by the big tree(!), the huge cactus(!) and then of course the prrrrretty flowers - on just a few square meters of total space. 

Heck, how was I ever going to pick just a few flowers? I just randomly did and went with pink. Always good if you ask me. 

So here we go, below are the pretty flowers that brightened my day so much and still do!! 


That made you happy, didn't it? :)

Let me know if you want one of those up on any of your (digi) walls!

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