November 09, 2012


Yep, count down to my trip New York City!!!

Oh happy friday! Today - in a month - my friend and I will be going to the Big Apple!! 

The main reason for our trip is to meet up with our dear friends there. They are in the midst of their awesome coast to coast trip and will be finishing up their road trip in NYC. WITH US!! So SO fun!!

I am sorry for all the exclamation points which can be a little annoying but hey, I am just too excited!!! ha, sorry ;)

Luckily this is not the first time to New York City for all of us, so we've seen Lady Liberty, Times Square etc. Sooo... For the past weeks I've been gathering info and the not too touristy things to do in that awesome city.

Have you been to New York recently? Let me know if you have any great tips on places to go, things to see?! Leave me a comment :)

I'll be back on my further count down and preps for the FUN trip!

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