November 28, 2012


I love doing new discoveries in my new habitat Amsterdam. Whether  it is a museum, a market, coffee place, shop, anything. But when a coffee place meets fashion/interior/art shop, those discoveries are the coolest! 

May I introduce to you: KOKO Coffee & Design. I went there with a friend a little while ago and enjoyed it A LOT. 

The two founders, girls who love coffee and fashion started this shop. They give you such a warm welcome and have the coolest items on fashion from local designers, vintage interior and art.

When you are around Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam, drop by KOKO Coffee & Design for a cappuccino and I can personally recommend the banana cake over the apple pie!  

 Looks good, right?

November 21, 2012


Last saturday was one of those ultimately super grey days. A little rainy, but not actually raining. That feeling it never really got light that day. While I was on one of my discovery tours through Amsterdam by bike, happily cycling the canals and enjoying the pretty views, I stumbled upon a flower shop.

Flower shops can be found all over town, some more special than the other. But this one, just around the corner of the Noordermarkt, was the cute little store called POMPON.

  It was very tiny, but soon I found out that part of the shop space was under construction. I stepped in and was overwhelmed by the big tree(!), the huge cactus(!) and then of course the prrrrretty flowers - on just a few square meters of total space. 

Heck, how was I ever going to pick just a few flowers? I just randomly did and went with pink. Always good if you ask me. 

So here we go, below are the pretty flowers that brightened my day so much and still do!! 


That made you happy, didn't it? :)

Let me know if you want one of those up on any of your (digi) walls!

November 14, 2012


Oh boy, what a happy wednesday! I have been sitting in our new addition to our dining room for hours. Just today, that is.

We have been on a dining table chairs-hunt for a while. Of course. We can't seem to make just a quick decision when it comes to key pieces to our home. So we like to look at hundreds of chairs, try them out, over and again. But, in the end we make the BEST decision. 

They are so elegant and tough looking at the same time, super comfortable and cute! 

As I like details, I only took photo's of what this chair makes it as good as it is. 

And a more complete look, tadaa:

Don't you love Eames? Let me know what you think :)

November 09, 2012


Yep, count down to my trip New York City!!!

Oh happy friday! Today - in a month - my friend and I will be going to the Big Apple!! 

The main reason for our trip is to meet up with our dear friends there. They are in the midst of their awesome coast to coast trip and will be finishing up their road trip in NYC. WITH US!! So SO fun!!

I am sorry for all the exclamation points which can be a little annoying but hey, I am just too excited!!! ha, sorry ;)

Luckily this is not the first time to New York City for all of us, so we've seen Lady Liberty, Times Square etc. Sooo... For the past weeks I've been gathering info and the not too touristy things to do in that awesome city.

Have you been to New York recently? Let me know if you have any great tips on places to go, things to see?! Leave me a comment :)

I'll be back on my further count down and preps for the FUN trip!

November 07, 2012


Good evening! Or I must say, good night! As it is 40 mins past midnight and with that HAPPY EARLY WEDNESDAY! I have been looking forward to this night for weeks. It is Election night, which means shows on television on America's election ALL NIGHT. 

I get to wear my stars 'n stripes cardigan, yay! :)

This night is also reason to practice one of my hobbies: eating American food :) So in instagram photo's below:(one) my fav american dinner, coffee or tea in Starbucks cup to stay awake, yummy ingredients for the all american chocolate chip cupcakes! 

Did you stay up and watch the election results all night?