October 31, 2012


It's not officially winter yet, BUT 1. daylight savings time has started and 2. it is COLD outside. 

As most of you know, I am not a winter person. And that might be an understatement. I can't deal with too much cold and therefor I like to dress warm and cozy. One of my season's favorites is below. 

Another fact about me is that I LOVE neon. Pink or yellow, clothes or interior - they cheer me up. Given this, makes the item below even more PERFECT. Can you spot the Burgundy in there as well? Uhuh, perfect.

One of my friends pointed out that this item kind of looks like our plaid - my other love - we have in our house. It's from HAY. I just found out I don't have pictures of our HAY, so I will soon cover it in a blogpost :)

What's your fav winter piece up to today?

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