October 10, 2012


As most of you know, Luuk and I moved to AMSTERDAM exactly 6 months ago. HOLY COW - time flies! 

Anyway, we have been on a dining table hunt for the longest time.

 About a month ago I was strolling around the "Noordermarkt" on monday morning market day - there I stumbled upon the wonderful shop called "Weldaad". Discovering this shop must be my best shop-discovery in Amsterdam up to today. There you can either design your own table or buy one in the shop. I found this beauty and luckily, Luuk loved the table as well.  

Here is a little sneak-preview of what our beautiful 2-meter-long dining table looks like:

The table is unfortunately still under construction for some adjustments. It could be ANY DAY NOW that Weldaad will call us and tell us to come and take our beauty home!

Can't wait for the dinner parties with friends and family around our huge table, CAN YOU? ;-)

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