October 31, 2012


It's not officially winter yet, BUT 1. daylight savings time has started and 2. it is COLD outside. 

As most of you know, I am not a winter person. And that might be an understatement. I can't deal with too much cold and therefor I like to dress warm and cozy. One of my season's favorites is below. 

Another fact about me is that I LOVE neon. Pink or yellow, clothes or interior - they cheer me up. Given this, makes the item below even more PERFECT. Can you spot the Burgundy in there as well? Uhuh, perfect.

One of my friends pointed out that this item kind of looks like our plaid - my other love - we have in our house. It's from HAY. I just found out I don't have pictures of our HAY, so I will soon cover it in a blogpost :)

What's your fav winter piece up to today?

October 28, 2012


Happy sunday readers! 

When you look at the title of this blogpost you might expect just one book or magazine. Actually, I never read just one book or one magazine at a time. I'd like to combine and switch from one to the other and pick up that book again later. Maybe because I might be impatient or just too curious for all what's out there.

For those of you that know me, you know that I am more of a magazine reader than a book person. But, sometimes I am lucky to find a really good book. There's one book in the picture below that I already finished but wanted to include anyway. 

So here's what I am currently reading. From left to right:
1. Het PAROOL. (Amsterdam's newspaper)  2. VOGUE magazine  3. VTWONEN (interior design magazine) 4. AMERIKA SPECIAL by Het PAROOL 5. Lonely Planet NEW YORK CITY  6. Circus Amerika (you might be able to translate that yourself) 7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: A must read which is called "The hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and dissappeared". How's that for a book title? It is such a fun story! Let me know if you want to borrow it.

 What is your favorite book or magazine at the moment? 

Enjoy your sunday! 

October 24, 2012


Finally after months of cycling by, seeing progress of the reconstruction, today was the day I got to visit the Stedelijk Museum. 

I am sure most of you know what the outside looks like. I wanted to give you a sneak preview of the inside. Not too much though, because you have to go and see it yourself, if you haven't already!

Besides the great architecture the building has, we saw many great artists, from great photographer Rineke Dijkstra till Picasso and Karel Appel.

Have you already been to the Stedelijk Museum?

October 17, 2012


Some call it Merlot, wine red, some call it Burgundy. I totally love this color. Such a warm color to surround yourself with during this season of Fall. 

Not only outside when you look up to the trees, but also inside our home: flowers and some of my new accessories and clothes.

I am up for more! Do you like this color as well?

October 10, 2012


As most of you know, Luuk and I moved to AMSTERDAM exactly 6 months ago. HOLY COW - time flies! 

Anyway, we have been on a dining table hunt for the longest time.

 About a month ago I was strolling around the "Noordermarkt" on monday morning market day - there I stumbled upon the wonderful shop called "Weldaad". Discovering this shop must be my best shop-discovery in Amsterdam up to today. There you can either design your own table or buy one in the shop. I found this beauty and luckily, Luuk loved the table as well.  

Here is a little sneak-preview of what our beautiful 2-meter-long dining table looks like:

The table is unfortunately still under construction for some adjustments. It could be ANY DAY NOW that Weldaad will call us and tell us to come and take our beauty home!

Can't wait for the dinner parties with friends and family around our huge table, CAN YOU? ;-)

October 05, 2012


There is a first time for everything and I have a lot of first times to go in my new habitat of AMSTERDAM.

Tonight we're going to see and listen to The Kyteman Orchestra in The Royal Theather Carré!!! This amazing orchestra where hiphop and jazz meet classic compositions creates a great energy. On top of that, this will be my first visit to the famous theater Carré. CAN'T WAIT!

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October 03, 2012


HELLO! Fall is here and so is my blog. Being a newbie "Amsterdammer" I decided to post and share my adventures, endless inspiration findings, photography, fashion and interior obsessions. 

My fav three right here with me.